Chris PytelContent and Community Specialist, has mentioned the advantages of cloud storage for a company.

“Cloud-storage means storing data on an outsourced server. In other words: an external drive is constantly available online. Instead of saving files on home devices or sending them via email, we can store company data on a server of a selected provider and create a data repository there, that we and our colleagues can exclusively access at any time, sharing files and collaborating on documents.”

This method helps the companies saving costs, increasing productivity and saving time.

He mentioned some of the advantages of using a cloud system.

Advantages ofusing Cloud Services in companies:

  • The highest standards of data security
  • 24/7/365 availability from anywhere on any device
  • Cost-saving while maintaining maximum protection
  • Unlimited storage capacity
  • Data is processed by an external server, which relieves local hardware
  • User-friendly interface and fast transfers
  • Pricing can be adapted to the company’s needs
  • Backup in the event of server failure, accident or natural disaster
  • Theft or destruction of a physical data medium is virtually impossible
  • Technical support and additional legal protection
  • Constantly updated software that prevents exploitation of code vulnerabilities
  • Fostering users’ good information protection practices

Source: Cloud Data Storage And File Security, by Chris Pytel.