Privacy Policy
We respect your right to privacy, and we are strongly committed to making our practices regarding your personal data management fair and transparent. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully and make sure that you fully understand and agree to it.

This Privacy Policy describes how we –, a product under the intellectual property of Tech-EmVee di Marco Volpe, incorporates under laws of Italy, duly registered in Via Martin Luther King 47, 33080 Roveredo in Piano, through a collaboration regulated under a partnership contract (hereafter refers as - “”, “we”, “our” or “us”) collect, store, use and disclose personal data regarding individuals and/or companies/hospitals/clinics/ doctors (“You/ Users”) who:
(i) visit or interact with our website/s (“Visitors”), available at, or any other website, webpage, e-mail, text message or online under our control (collectively - “Sites”);
(ii) use our cloud-based visual work management platform, via the Sites or the desktop or mobile application (the “Users”; and together with the Sites - the “Service”). In case you have any question and/or unclear information please contact our support, by completing the “contact form”.

You are not legally required to provide us with any Personal Data and may do so (or avoid doing so) at your own free will. If you do not wish to provide us with such Personal Data, you will not be able to use our Site/s or use our Service/s. You may also choose not to provide us with “optional” Personal Data, but please consider that we will not be able to provide you with the full range of our services or with the best user experience during the time you use the Site/s.

Data Collection
We collect technical/medical data, Users and Visitor data, content, cookies and other data received from You, your organization or other third-party sources.

We collect various types of personal data regarding our Users as well as data regarding Visitors to our Sites. Such data is typically collected and generated through your interaction with us or our Service/s, through automatic means, or directly from you, from our Users, from our Visitors, or from other third parties and applications, such as medical software that produces medical reports, appointment list etc..

Specifically, we collect the following categories of data (hereinafter refers as “Personal Data“):

(i) Data automatically collected or generated: When you visit, interact with, accept cookies or use our Services, we may collect, record or generate certain personal data information or contact details about You. We do so either independently or with the help of our partners, third party, such as our Service Providers, like Amazon Web Service, Google and others that we may collaborate in the future, including through the use of “cookies” and other tracking technologies.

(ii) Such data consists of connectivity, technical and aggregated usage data, such as IP addresses and general locations, device data (like type, operating system, mobile device id, browser version, locale and language settings used), date and time stamps of usage, the cookies and logs about Users activity (logins, logouts, savings, editing of Users etc.) or Visitors in connection with our Service

(iii) When a User contact us, sign up to the Service, Request a Demo, and Subscribes in Newsletter and create an individual/company profile (“User Profile”), You may provide us with Personal Data. This includes your name/ last name and other data of the company you represent, doctor’s data/ professional information, patient data, contact details (such as e-mail, phone and address), account login details (e-mail address and passwords which are automatically hashed), as well as any other data you choose to provide when you use our Service, contact us, or interact with others via our Service. For example, you may provide us with your name and last name, date of birth, bank account, billing details, location, time-zone, device, general location, and activity logs and data for yourself or your patient; as well as documents related diagnoses and medical treatments (collectively, “User Data”).

(iv) Our Users may provide us with additional User Data such as their company/ vat number, bank account, billing details, business needs and preferences. To the extent that such data concerns a non-human entity (e.g. the bank account of a company or business/hospitals/clinics), we will not regard it as “Personal Data” and this Privacy Policy will not apply to it, but we guarantee that these data will remain confidential and we are not going to disclose them with third parties, or use them for a different aim they are submitted for.

(v) Users may choose to upload or submit Users Data to our Service which includes Personal Data (e.g., by uploading the Users’s patients or doctors’ directories). Personal Data which are included in Users Data will only be processed by our Users, using, according to their consent (who owns the User’s Account), in accordance with our Data Processing Agreement and other agreements with such Customer, and this Privacy Policy, in accordance with Italian Privacy Law and GDPR.

(vi)Users may provide us with the contact details of their patients, doctors, team members and colleagues, in order for us to contact, invite or subscribe them as Users to our Service or by sharing information with them. Such data typically includes these individuals’ names, phone numbers and work/personal e-mails, however additional data may be provided at the discretion of those providing it, such as documents related to medical status of the patients. For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, this data will also be regarded as “User Data”.

(vii) We use analytics tools (e.g. google analytic etc.) to collect data about the use of our Sites and Service. Analytics tools collect data such as how often Users and Visitors visit or use the Sites or Service, which pages they visit and when, and which website, and/ or e-mail message brought them there, including newsletters.

Data Uses and Data Share
We use personal data in order to provide you with our service/s or improve them, by offering to our clients a better experience in service providing. We guarantee you that complies with applicable law related to data usage in Italy and also in EU, such as Privacy Law and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation/ EU Directive 95/46/EC) regulation and we use Personal Data strictly related to our legitimate interest.

We use Personal Data as they are necessary for providing Service/s and offering you a better experience of them, but we guarantee that we do not/are prohibited to share them with other parties, except the case when Users decide to give each other the consent to share them by using We are allowed to process data for statistic and/ or other interest that can be different from service providing, such as sales, marketing etc., but in any case, we cannot disclose any personal information of our Users.

We use Personal Data, specifically for the following:

(i) For providing our Service/s, improving them, for making them operational;

(ii) To identify You/ our Users, in order to allow them using our Service/s;

(iii) To provide You/ our Users and Visitors with technical support and assistance for using Service/s and improving their experience navigating in our web/ platform/ application;

(iv) To inform You related to latest news, offers/ marketing campaigns, other info related to our Service/s, or updated versions of our policies;

(v) For statistic issues, in order to create aggregated statistics by using data, but in any case your Personal Data will remain confidential, because we are strictly prohibited to disclose or make them public;

(vi) For using Data in accordance with applicable laws and regulations in force in Italy and EU.

(vii) To transfer of the Restricted Personal Data to third parties: (a) in accordance with this Privacy Policy, solely to the extent necessary to provide or improve the Service/s;(b) guaranteed that they comply with applicable laws and regulations; and (c) in connection with any change in control, including by means of merger, acquisition or purchase of substantially all of’s shares; or (d) In accordance with your affirmative agreement.

In the event that Users agree to share data anonyms for statistic purposes, agrees to collect and use such data strictly in accordance with their will, and guarantee them to respect their anonymity are committed not to disclose data collected from their User, Visitors etc. and they use and share them according to privacy laws in force, GDPR and this Privacy Policy, but, in exceptional circumstances, we may disclose or allow government and law enforcement officials access to your Personal Data, in response to a subpoena, search warrant or court order (or similar requirement), or in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. We can disclose data/ information only if the following events occur/ conditions fulfill:
(a) we believe in good faith,
(b) we are legally obliged to do so,
(c) disclosure is required because of an investigation, prevent, or take action regarding actual or suspected illegal activity, fraud, or other criminal procedures; allows Users to share data with other Users (ex. Doctors or administrators of the Clinique or Hospital/ employees of our Users, in order to request for their opinion related to medical issues and only by providing them tools to hide your personal data/ information.

In any case the Users are responsible to guarantee that they are owners of the information uploaded in the platform or they are duly authorized to upload and/ or share them and has no responsibility related these issues.

Communis.Cloud will not be responsible if Users share the Data without hidding Personal Information or Users are not owner or if they are not properly authorized to upload and share data!

Communis.Clouds may engage / hire third party companies and individuals to perform services complementary to our own (hereafter refers as “Service Providers”). Service Providers are allowed to have access to your Personal Data, depending on each of their specific roles and purposes in facilitating and enhancing our Service, and may only use it for such limited purposes as determined in our agreements with them. Service Providers have to respect the Privacy Law in force, GDPR and this Privacy Policy, either they are part of a jurisdiction outside of the EU.

Data Location and Data Retention
We will store Data collected as per Data Collection part, in multiple locations around the world, as long as it is necessary for our reasonable business needs (as necessary for the performance of our Service/s or for supporting and exercising our legitimate business interests) guaranteeing that they will be stored in accordance with the applicable laws for data protection and GDPR, either for the countries that are not part of the European Union.

Your Personal Data may be maintained, processed and stored by us and our authorized Service Providers (third parties that we contract in order to provide service/s, or separate part of the service) in multiple locations, including in the EU and other jurisdictions outside EU, as reasonably necessary for the proper performance and delivery of our Service/s, or as may be required by law.

While privacy laws may vary between jurisdictions, and its affiliates and Service Providers are each committed to protect Personal Data in accordance with this Privacy Policy and GDPR legal requirements that prevail over any privacy law that may apply in their jurisdiction.

Contact Us
If you have any question or you need further information related to our Privacy Policy and/or the data we collect, do not hesitate to contact us.

In case you should wish to report any complaint or you have any doubt that our company is not addressing your data issues in the right way and in compliance with laws in force, GDPR and this Privacy Policy, you can contact the dedicated authority related data protection, by completing the Contact Form.

Mr. Marco Volpe is our compliance responsible person. You can also contact him in

What other doctors think about the workflow

Dr.ssa Sara Poggi

Center director

Fast and safe. It is very immediate. The reports can be uploaded very fast and the possibility of errors it’s very low. It solves all privacy issues by sending reports. The patients learned to use it in a very short time and even the email that a doctor has shared a report is a very useful reminder, it saves time. I'm very satisfied.