Many companies for working remotely in this period have found the best solutions in technology. It gives the best tools of communication without impeding productivity and by continuing to work with the same standards. The productivity of companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and more, it is not affected by Corona COVID 19, because most of their services, software, and data are easily accessed from the cloud system.

Coronavirus will change the way how companies will work in the future. 

Cloud services will be a priority for their data, and it will help everyone to work from everywhere by maintaining efficient real-time collaborations.

In this period, cloud systems have helped companies and institutions on:

1.    Respecting social distancing.
2.    Avoiding print papers.
3.    Working remotely without affecting quality.
4.    Having access to all the data of the company from everywhere.
5.    Collaborating in real-time with each other.

The development of technology has given us the opportunity to increase productivity despite problems or where we work, from the house or office. 

“The cloud continues to transform connectivity between people and businesses on a global scale. The cloud is everywhere; in our vehicles, on our television screens, in our phones, and even in our watches” says Emil Sayegh, President, and CEO of Ntirety, a global managed cloud services provider. 
Without a cloud system, numerous companies would not be the same, such as Skype, Netflix, Uber, Twitter, and many more. We wouldn’t have streaming services (Netflix it’s one of them), smartphones would be only mobile phones without cloud providers. 

Today cloud system it’s a necessity because it gives us many flexible options to work. ( it’s one of these platforms, which operates mostly on the health care system, it provides secure communications on the cloud between doctors and patients, and allows them to have a distance examination from everywhere, which it’s very important especially in this period. 

This pandemic will change our approach to technology, and a cloud system will be fundamental for every company or institution.